Workouts for the Week of Dec.11th

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on December 10, 2017

Monday December 11, 2017
Title: Monday
Status: pending

Warmup: Warmup- 5:00 General Dynamic (Coaches Choice)

Specific Movement Prep: 2-3 Rounds
10m Walking Lunge- bodyweight
10m Monster Walk
10 Air Squat
10 Glute Bridges (bodyweight)

A) Strength:
A1. Goblet Sumo Squat 12, 10, 8, 12, 10, 8. (3211). Rest 2-4:00 b/w sets.

*Make sure shins are like pillars, straight up and down. You do not want your knees inside your toes here.

A. Front Squat Tempo (30×1). Rest 2-4:00 b/w sets.

A. Front Squat 7,5,3,7,5,3. (No tempo) Rest 2-4:00 b/w sets.

Reps are down, so kg’s should be increasing.

B) Metcon- :
Health: 3 Rounds for time
6 Box Jumps
8 H.R. Pushups
6 Goblet Squats 12-24kg
8 Burpees
6 Ring Rows
8 Ab-mat Situps

Fitness: 2 Rounds for time
3 Front Squat- 65/95#
6 Push Press
8 Thrusters
12 Burpees Over Bar
8 Pullups or 6 Jumping C2b Pullups
6 T2B/K2e or Strict Hanging Leg Raises
3 Hspu or 6 H.R. Pushups

Advanced: ‘Stansa’ 3 Rounds for time
2 Front Squat 95/135#
4 Push Press
6 Thrusters
8 Bar Facing Burpees Over Bar
6 C2b Pullups
4 T2b
2 Bar Mu

*95/135# is Rx’d weight, but people who can do the other movements can reduce weight here to 75/115#. But its meant to be heavy.

**Enjoy this, push if you’d like.

Cooldown: Foam Roll, Stretch, Easy row/bike for 5:00


Tuesday December 12, 2017
Title: Tuesday
Status: pending

Warmup: Warmup- 5:00 General Dynamic

Specific Movement Prep: 3 Rounds of…
8 Trap 3 Raise
8 Plank to Pushup Pressouts
8 Pushups
+ Coaches Choice

A) Strength:
A. Alternating Dumbbell Bench Press or H.R. Pushups
4 sets of 8-10 reps/arm (Pause of 2 at top, 2 on way down, 2 at bottom). Rest :30 b/w arms, 1-2:00 b/w sets.

A. Bench Press 7, 5, 3, 7, 5, 3. (30×1). Rest 2-3:00 b/w sets.

A. Bench Press 7, 5, 3, 7, 5, 3. (No tempo). Rest 2-3:00 b/w sets.

Reps are down, kg’s should be up. Worth noting that with upper-body you will not be able to increase as much on the second wave as with lower body movements, so get out the fractional plates. Increase of 1kg on the second wave sets is better than 0kg.

B) Metcon-2:00on/2:00 off x 5:
Row 175m
6 Kb Push Press/Arm (8-16kg)
Max Singles or Du’s til finish

Row 200/225m
10 Sh to Oh @ 45-55#/65-75#
Max Du’s til finish

Row 225/250m
10 Sh to Oh @ 65-85/95-115#
Max Du’s til finish

*Score is lowest round of DU’s
**Sh to Oh weight should be doable unbroken in a fresh state

Cooldown: Mobility:
Couch Stretch On Wall 2:15/leg
Floor Pec Drill 2-4 x :30/side


Wednesday December 13, 2017
Title: Wednesday
Status: pending

Warmup: Warmup- 5:00 General Dynamic (Coaches Choice)

Specific Movement Prep:
20m Bear Crawl
10 Supermans
10 Kb Romanian Deadlift
+ Coaches Choice
A) Strength: Health:
A1. Kb Romanian Deadlift Perform 4 sets of 12 reps (3111). Rest 1:00 before a2.
A2. Bird-Dogs Perform 4 sets of 6/leg (slow and controlled). Rest 1:00 before a1.

A. Deadlift 7, 5, 3, 7, 5, 3 Touch n Go. Rest 2-3:00 b/w sets.
*Touch n go, but that does not mean speed. It means do not release tension throughout the entire set. Quick breathe in and out at the top is the best bet.

A. Deadlift 7, 5, 3, 7, 5, 3 Church Singles . Rest 2-3:00 b/w sets)
*You need to be able to gently set the bar down onto the ground each rep. If you have to crash the bar down it is too heavy. Reset each rep and make sure you are tight before lifting.

*Getting into some big weights here, so make sure we are staying tight. And coaches are on high alert for rounded backs. It is your job to keep people safe here.
**BELTS- I recommend never lifting with belts until competition time. You should possess the core and grip strength naturally before lifting a weight which you need external implements to help you do so. This will save your back, and make you strong as shit. Belts tell you lies.

B) Metcon- 12:00 Amrap (80% output) :
8 Burpees or No Pushup Burpees
100m Shuttle Run
12 Box Step-up (6/leg)
14 Russian Kb Swings – moderate

8 Burpees
120m Shuttle Run
16 Box Jump w/ step-down 20/24inch
20 Russian Kb Swings 16-20/20-24kg

8 Burpees
120m Shuttle Run
16 Box Jumps w/ step-down 20/24 inch
20 American Kb Swings 20-24/24-32kg

Cooldown: Cooldown: 2 Rounds of…
:30-1:00 Banded Lunge Lat Stretch/Side
6/side T-Spine Twists
:30-1:00/side Kb Ankle Dorsiflexion

Thursday December 14, 2017
Title: Thursday
Status: pending

Warmup: Warmup- Keep it short

Mobility- Can probably skip this, and do it after the metcon..
A) Strength: 20:00 Goat Work

Pick an exercise you need work on and spend 20:00 getting better.

Options (not all of them)
Rope Climbs
Olympic Lifting (Nothing over 50% of your 1 rep max)

B) Metcon 1:00on/1:00 off x 12 (4 stations, 3 rounds at each) :
1- Wallballs M/W-9′
2- Kb Sdhp- moderate
3- Scaled Rope Climbs or Ring Rows
4- Row for cals

1- Amrap 10 Hang Power Snatch @ 20/35kg + 20 Du’s
2- Row for cals
3- Rope Climbs or Scaled Rope Climbs
4- Wallballs M-10′, W-9′

1- Row for cals
2- Rope Climbs
3- Wallballs Rx’d
4- Amrap 10 Hang Power Snatch @ 30/45kg + 20 Du’s

Score is total cals + full completed rounds of snatch/du’s + wallballs +

Cooldown: If there is time:

Tabata Abs:
Nemesis Crunch
Hollow Rock/Lying Leg Lowers


Friday December 15, 2017
Title: Friday
Status: pending

Warmup: Warmup- 5:00 General Dynamic (Coaches Choice)

Specific Movement Prep for Barbell Athletes 2-3 Rounds
5 Jerk Balance -empty bar
5 Hang Clusters- empty bar
20m Bear Crawl

Specific Movement Prep for Beginner: 2-3 Rounds
10 Kb Sdhp
10 Plank to Pushup Pressouts
10m Bear Crawl
10m Walking Lunge

A) Strength::
Health: Every 2:00 for 20:00
even- 15 Russian Kb Swings- moderate to heavy
odd- 10 Weighted Hip Bridges (Can use kb on hips, moderate to heavy weight)

Fitness: Every Every 2:00 for 20:00
3 Single Hang/Power Clean and Jerks

Advanced: Every 2:00 for 20:00
2 Single Clean and Jerks

Note: Technique Focus. Move well before you move heavy!!!

B) Metcon- 10:00 Amrap:
10 Medball Cleans
10 Ring Rows
10 H.R. Pushups

10 Hang Power Clean 65-85#/95-115#
10 Hspu or 10 H.R. Pushups
10 Pullups or Jumping C2b Pullups

10 Power Clean @ 95-115#/135-155#
10 Ring Dips (Ladies can scale to 6 Ring Dips, not be trump-like, science backs me here)
10 C2b Pullups

Cooldown: 2 Rounds of…
12-15 Nemesis Crunch/Side
15 Hollow Rock
10 Kipper to Leg Lower


Saturday December 16, 2017
Title: Team Workout
Status: pending

Warmup: Warmup- Coaches Choice

Mobility- Coaches Choice
A) Teams of 2 6:00 Amrap: Partner 1- Calorie Row
Partner 2- 10 Ground to Overhead

Scaled: 35/50kg
Rx’d: 45/60kg- 60/85kg (Only go 85kg if your 1 rep max Clean and Jerk is 75/100kg+)

Score is total calories rowed.
B) 4:00 Rest:
C) Teams of 2 8:00 Amrap: 20 Partner Wallballs over Rig (10 each)
20 Medball Situp w/ throw (Partners lie on ground with feet touching, athlete performs medball situp, then throws to partner who does the same 10 each).
D) 5:00 Rest:
E) 10:00 Amrap of…: 200m Shuttle Run (Switch partners every 20m)
20 Box Jumps w/ stepdown (Switch every rep)
20 Partner Pushups (10 Each/ partner performs a pushup and claps each hand at the top)
100m Lunge Walk Holding Medball (Switch every 20m)
10 Burpee over partner (5 each jumping over partner)
10 Partner Leg Throws/Lowers (1 partner on the ground holding other partners ankles who is standing, partner on the ground raises legs up, and partner one throws them down while partner on the ground tries to resist. 10 each)

Score is rounds/reps

Cooldown: Tabata Abs:
Flutter Kicks
Hollow Rock
Russian Twists