Who We Are

At Saskpro, we are a gym that has a distinct Mission.  We are Building a Fit Community.  This starts with our own team, but is expressed in our members, and their families and beyond!   We work to empower all of our members through physical training to enhance their Heath and Fitness. A HUGE side effect is a change in their demeanour and how they see themselves. Confidence goes up, often WAY up!  They become leaders in their own right and others around them are empowered and want to emulate them.  We love nothing better than to hear about friends of friends that are now changing their lives, learning a new lifestyle and reaching levels they never thought possible!

Here is our Team at Saskpro.

Scott Gardiner, Owner


I came to Prince Albert about 35 years ago and made it my home. I’ve been married for 20 years to my wife Shelli and have one daughter Brieann. I grew up playing sports of all kinds but hockey was always my game and am still playing rec. hockey today thanks to CrossFit. Saskpro has been a big part of my life for the past five years along with my wife and daughter who also do CrossFit. In the past few years I have entered a few competitions with other members of Saskpro and really enjoyed the competitive side of CrossFit. I recently got my CrossFit Level 1 coaching certificate and am looking forward to start coaching and learning from all the great coaches and members.

Monica Patrick – Coach


Monica grew up in Prince Albert with 5 brothers and 2 sisters (lots of competition right there!). Down hill skiing was a big part of her life growing up, she raced on the provincial team!  She went on to get her coaching and instructing certifications which kept her involved for many years.

“I am so happy to have discovered CrossFit and it is a pleasure to be part of SaskPro. Having completed my CrossFit Level 1, I look forward to continuing to learn with the great coaches and members of SaskPro and the Crossfit community.”

Natalie Ksyniuk, Coach



Before starting CrossFit in 2013 I never liked to exercise, it always felt like a chore. After a few weeks at Saskpro I knew I’d found my passion. I started coaching in 2015, I love sharing my passion with others and helping people become the best visions of themselves they can. Since becoming a coach I have taken a full time position coaching and managing the front desk at Saskpro as well as completed my Level 2 CrossFit Training,



Braden Tournier, Coach

IMG_2674I have been Crossfitting since 2011. I started just to lose some weight but now I do it to be healthier and improve my overall fitness. I have competed in a few local competitions. My goal is to get stronger and start competing more seriously. I love coaching our members,helping them reach their fitness goals and have fun while doing it!


Dwayne Mills-Coach


I joined Crossfit about 3 years ago to help with my overall strength and conditioning. After years of competitive running , I was beginning to have lots of repetitive injuries and was in need of as change in routine. Crossfit has provided this.

I really enjoy the varied workouts with Crossfit and began coaching in the fall of 2015. It is always encouraging and motivating to see the growth and development of our athletes. Being able to help them reach their goals is a great feeling.