Client Success Stories

Braden, B

“Both of the boys have experienced great strength, and flexibility increases in the past year. Combined they have lost over 50lbs and now make physical fitness a priority – that would have never happened before.

The boys most enjoy the fun and supportive atmosphere at Saskpro, it is never intimidating – the other members and coaches always encourage each other.”
Jodi T, mother of Jakob and Braden T


When I decided I wanted to make the jump to junior hockey, I knew it was going to be a challenge. After my first camp at 15 years old, it was evident to me that physical fitness was a huge part of the game and something I would need to work very hard at.

After only my first summer of Saskpro, I noticed monster improvements in all aspects of my fitness levels. I entered training camp at 16 years old stronger, leaner and quicker. It caught the attention of my teammates and coaches. This gave me confidence to perform at my best.

My favourite part of Saskpro would have to be the friendly competition amongst others and the positive energy during training sessions. Saskpro makes it a fun challenge every day which always leaves you wanting to come back.
Dawson M, Regina Pats(WHL)


“When I started at Saskpro I was 20 pounds heavier then and having heart palpitations…needless to say I needed some help. The staff is amazing and workouts are interesting and varied…there is no chance of ever getting bored of the program.   It didn’t take long before I learned that Saskpro CrossFit is not a gym that stops at the door when you leave.  The staff is easy to approach and full of information that carries on long past the workouts.  The changes in me are huge.  I have had people walk right past me not recognizing who I am.  I am a busy mom with four children and I feel like I am the strong roll model that they need…It is my hour to myself….they see that I have confidence and feel amazing…no more heart palpitations…and people always come to me when something heavy needs to be lifted!!”

- Deb H

Erica Parenteau

“I joined SaskPro in 2010 because I had hopes of playing soccer at the University level. I knew that in order to get there, I needed to get stronger and more fit, and I was not motivated when going to an everyday gym.  I am so much stronger than I have ever been before, and not only that, but it helped me tremendously in soccer. Because of Saskpro, I am a quicker and stronger player allowing me to match up with players who were years older than me. I would definitely say that CrossFit gave me me the edge I needed to be selected by the coaching staff as a member of the starting lineup from my very first game as a Huskie and it has helped to keep me there. It has allowed me to improve my performance as a player each year and continue to progress in my development. My favourite thing about SaskPro is the sense of community and how everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The coaches and members are truly interested in your progress and how they can help you reach your next goal. I enjoy being there, unlike at a regular gym where I found myself constantly checking the time to see when I could leave. The positive atmosphere constantly pushes me to my limits and encourages me to try new things that I didn’t think I could do. I also really enjoy the variety of workouts and how challenging they are, no matter how long you’ve been a member at Saskpro.  I look at fitness in a different light; not as something to be dreaded or resented, but as something to be excited about and that I look forward to. It has helped me tremendously in my soccer career, but once I am done playing University soccer, I will continue to be a member.”
Erica P, U of S Huskies Soccer Player


“I wanted to start because I thought it would be best to surround myself with other athletes striving for the same goal as me.
My speed and strength has increased dramatically and my mobility had gotten much better.
I like that you don’t focus on one certain muscle group a day, and training with other people which makes you push yourself to work harder and makes it enjoyable!”
Jordan H, Swift Current Broncos(WHL)

Jason Davidson


“Saskpro provided my client an exceptional opportunity to prepare for the WHL season. The service wasn’t solely based on fitness… it also included nutrition and mental preparation. Evan did a tremendous job keeping me informed on my client’s progress.”

Jason Davidson, WHL Agent

Kerri W

“I first heard of Saskpro CrossFit about 2 years ago when some close friends of mine started going. At the time I was a “runner”. Running was my addiction and I completed many half marathons and 10 km races. I still am a “runner”, I run at least 3 days a week and now supplement my running with my new addiction, CrossFit!  I started CrossFit in March, 2013. I have to say my first couple of weeks I was nervous and somewhat intimidated. But, I realized very quickly that something very different was going on in at SaskPro. I realized that I had become part of a community. Everyone, from coaches to fellow CrossFitters were so supportive and encouraging. Everyone here wants to see each other succeed and reach their goals. That’s a community I am proud to be a part of! My goal when I first started in March was to make it to class, take it slow, and learn the movements and technique(I continue to work towards these goals, knowing that there is always room for improvement!) After 7 months, my thoughts and goals have shifted.Today, before class I go online, look at the WOD and get excited to see how far I will be able to push myself. The voice that at one time told me”you can’t do this” or “this is too hard”, now knows I can. Since starting at SaskPro I am STRONGER, both physically and mentally. I am HEALTHIER. I am not afraid to get out of my comfort zone and TRY! I feel like I can do anything and I can say I have never been happier or healthier! I have lost 14 pounds and 2 1/2 inches as well, and I have to say I am pretty happy about that too!
What I like best about SaskPro CrossFit is the atmosphere. It is an intense, yet fun place to be. I have never been so excited to workout in my life!”
Kari W

Vicki MacPhersonVicki M

“I initially wanted to make some healthy changes in my life for both my body and mind and I found something that I loved to do…..running. With some training and focus I began to run road races. Having accomplished the 5k, 10k and half marathon I set my sights on the marathon. I finally achieved that goal and thought to myself “What next?” Always looking for a challenge I had heard from friends about Saskpro CrossFit and decided it may be what I needed to push myself to the next level of fitness. I met with Evan and explained to him that I wanted to be faster and stronger, and he said “This is the place for you.”

I initially joined Crossfit with the goal of getting stronger so that I could run faster but it has become so much more than that; and…..I got faster. I have since completed 2 more marathons and numerous other races, setting personal records each time, and this summer I completed my first Frank Dunn Triathlon. The sense of accomplishment I feel is indescribable and I know I wouldn’t have had the physical or mental strength I needed to reach this goal without Saskpro being a part of my life.

I have made great friends and accomplished more than I had ever imagined I could. All of this with the support of the staff and members of SaskPro. The encouragement I receive and the laughs we share make it so much more than just a workout. I feel as though I can accomplish anything and cannot wait to reach for and achieve my next goal with the help of Saskpro.

I would encourage anyone who is thinking about joining SaskPro Crossfit to go for it. Once in the door and in the first class they will forget all their insecurities and doubts and will have a great time.

It is so much more than a gym. And the results are absolutely amazing!”