Reopening Details- Welcome Back!!

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on June 1, 2020

Reopening Details:

This is going to be a long post but please take time to read through it all. It will also be posted on our website under “blog” for people who are not on Facebook, so if anyone is friends with someone they know is not on this group please let them know to check out our website for all the reopening details.

Hold time: I did not put anyone on hold yet because we needed a date to stop the hold and we didnt have it until recently. I will hold anyone from our last day until June 7th that wishes to be put on hold. For those of you that said to keep your memberships going we’d like to say thank you again and we really appreciate that!

Equipment: All borrowed equipment must be back at the gym by June 7th, Scott will post what hours he’ll be here during the weekend of the 6th and 7th. You can start to bring equipment June 1st, I will be at the gym Monday to Friday that week and will post what hours each day so you can bring things back. We need all equipment back so classes can run smoothly, especially with the new no sharing equipment rule.

Class sizes: Classes can only be 10 people max for now. You must sign up for classes before entering the building, even if the class size seems small on the app, everyone must be signed in before coming into the building. If you normally attend a busier class (6:15am) signing up in advance will be necessary. There will be waitlist available for classes and members must let us know if you cannot make a class so we can remove you (if you cant yourself) so someone on the waitlist can attend.
This facebook group is a great way to let us know you can’t make it, but we are also going to try to lift the 4 hour before thing on zenplanner so you can remove yourself from the class for longer (I’m working on that)

Social distancing: We need to stay 2 meters apart at all times. We will tape off workout areas in the gym so each person has a place to workout that is 2 meters for others in the class. These boxes will include a rack and pull up bars/rings so that when you pick a spot that is yours for the class. We will put as much needed equipment in the boxes before classes so there is less moving around to get things. These things will stay in the boxes all day until the end of class, and be cleaned after each class. Things like DBs and wallballs that vary a lot in weight will be left in their spots and can be taken before the workout, then cleaned and put away after. When doing pull ups or other things on the rigs please make sure to maintain that distance and use the same bar or rings the whole workout.
Please also be social distancing when entering and exiting the building.

No sharing equipment: We are not allowed to share equipment. So that means no sharing barbells, weights, rowers, dumbbells, bikes, pull up bars or rings,ect. We will make sure the programming is made to make this easier.

Cleaning: Everything you touch while in class needs to be cleaned after you’re done. We the staff will make sure this happens every class but we will have spray bottles of cleaner as well as paper towel in each box so you can clean your equipment and area at the end of class. We will be cleaning other surfaces between classes as well.

No change rooms or showers: We will not be able to let anyone use the change rooms or showers for now so you will need to come dressed to workout. I know this is unfortunate for those who need to go to work after the workout but we need to follow all rules put in place by the government and health officials. We can still use the bathrooms in the change rooms.

New class times: We need space between classes to clean as well as let people leave before more come.
The morning classes will stay the same. Evening classes will now be 4:00pm, 5:30pm, 7:00pm. Saturday’s will be 9am and 10:30am.
We have given a bit of time for people to be able to do a cool down or stretching after class but please make sure you leave early enough for the next class to come and start to warming up. Also please do not come too early to warm up, we need to make sure there isnt a big overlap of people in the building.

We will have hand sanitizer available at the front door and you will need to use it before coming into the gym. No entering through the garage door during summer as we wont have a sanitizing station there.
Please do not come if you’re sick.

This seems like a lot right now but we will get into the swing of it quick and the most important part is we get to be back in our gym together.
Any questions please let me know at