Group Coaching

Our Group Coaching program is designed to meet the needs of our large and varied community, which includes members of our full-time moms, doctors, lawyers, police officers, teachers, athletes, and retired grandparents. 

Group Coaching allows our members to work with professional coaches for a fraction of the investment. All of our members are assigned to one of our professional coaches who are available for progress checks, skill work and accountability to achieving their fitness goals.

In our one-hour group sessions, participants will be lead by our expert coaches through multiple phases of fitness and recovery:

  • Mobility drills to improve and restore joint mobility and function;
  • Strength Intervals and The Workout of the Day – which might be any combination of gymnastics, running, jumping, squatting, kettlebells, Olympic weightlifting, and more;
  • Post-workout recovery techniques to prepare you for the rest of your day and for your next workout.

Leveled Classes

We offer ‘Beginner’, ‘All Levels’ and ‘Advanced Classes’. The classes are tailored and taught to the level of our members.

‘Beginner’ Classes focus on the fundamentals of each movement, with all member using the ‘Health’ Workout for the day.

‘All Levels’ Classes can include anyone from a new member to someone who has trained with us since we opened. Members have assess to the coach to help them select the appropriate workout for the day based on their goals, current abilities and comfort. These classes move at a faster pace than the ‘Beginner’ Classes.

‘Advanced Classes’ – The classes require a member to qualify by completing out Level 3 workout. This level can take 3 months to 3+ years to achieve – these classes focus on Advanced OLY skills, Gymnastics and Advanced CrossFit Training.

Goal-Based Programming

Simply put, our programs are designed to improve our members’ health and performance in the way that is most meaningful for their needs and desires.
As everyone walking in our doors has a vast range of personal goals and ability levels, our group coaching program is designed with the flexibility to meet those needs. While not as specific as an individualized program designed just for you, our group coaching program provides members with three different paths to achieve their goals:

Health” – As the name implies, these workouts are designed to promote and enhance your health and longevity. During a “Health” workout, participants are exposed to a wide variety of movements with a focus on proper mechanics. The “Health” workouts are great for beginners because they focus on movement quality rather than intensity, but . . . the “Health” workouts are not just for beginners. Like all of our workout options, these workouts are scalable and can be made as difficult as one could imagine. In fact, many of our veterans find them extremely challenging (and beneficial!). The “Health” workout is perfect for the individual looking to be strong and lean for the long-haul.

Fitness” – These workouts include a greater degree of intensity and complexity. You’ll be exposed to the best that the world of strength and conditioning has to offer – gymnastics, Olympic lifting, plyometrics, sprinting, etc…. No gimmicks, just proven methods for getting individuals strong, fast and fit. Your coach will provide you with the tools to reach new strength levels and push yourself beyond what you thought was achievable. If you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level, this is an excellent option.

Performance” – The sport of CrossFit is one of the fastest growing, most exciting opportunities out there for athletes looking to push the boundaries of human performance. Like any sport, CrossFit demands high levels of skill and coordination as well as strength, speed, power and endurance. Our competition program is designed to help athletes prepare for elements likely to be contested in the sport of CrossFit, as well as prepare them to be as adept and well-rounded as possible to excel in unknown elements of our growing sport.

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