I AM Saskpro Challenge


I AM Saskpro, Your Best U Challenge  
A 42 day Challenge

While everyone wants to look and feel better, it can be a challenge to know how or where to start.

The I AM Saskpro Challenge focuses you on the key areas of your life that produce real, life long changes.

We have done many Health and Wellness Challenges, helping hundreds and hundreds of people make HUGE changes in their lives  since we began in 2009. We are taking the best attributes, and providing a platform for you to get focus on several areas of your life to create positive habits, learn new things and having a lasting impact on your health and those around you.SaskPro_InfusionSoft_August

The Challenge has identified some crucial areas to you being successful no matter your goals!  Whether you are looking to lose weight, feel better, create structure and ‘balance’ in your life, improve performance in the gym, or just look better naked!  Our ultimate goal, is that you move closer towards Your Best U everyday throughout this challenge and beyond.

The Challenge is designed around the key areas that every person can identify with. Relying on our numerous years of combined coaching experience, we have created a system of implementing new habits in these key areas.

Areas including what and when to eat, hydration, sleep, supplementation, mobility and exercise.  We will be holding you accountable with an easy daily scoring system. This will be submitted weekly and the group will hold you accountable to stay in the game!

Who is this for?
The I AM Saskpro Challenge is open to all Saskpro members, if you are not a member we will not be offering this a stand alone nutrition program.

(Sorry, if this disappoints you.  We are looking to create a a lifestyle shift and attain results outside of 1 aspect of everyone’s lives with this challenge.)

Beyond this, the only qualifications necessary to play the game are a wish to change and willingness to play. The desire to maintain things that work for us, and improve the things that do not, is universal. This challenge is not all about weight loss, or points, it is about creating change, awareness and forward progress in the aspects of your life that will let work towards your goals.


The Challenge will include the following:
– A Nutrition Seminar beforehand, to explain the rules of the game and get ready to crush it
– A Wrap up Celebration and Potluck
– A Pre and Post Workout to gauge improvement!
– Recipe and Meal plan Resources
– A Daily/Weekly tracking system, with accountability triggers :-)

Early bird Pricing is $79+GST until May 1st. After May 1st the Price will go to $99+GST.

* The first 30 Bronze and Silver Members to enter will receive and extra class for each week of the challenge!!!*

Gold Member? I am Saskpro is $39+GST.

***25% of all entry fees will go to our ‘Prize pot’!
Prizes for: Accountability Score, Biggest Change, Participation draw for full attendance and Member choice for most inspirational!

Is this a ‘Paleo’ Challenge?

No. BUT, to be clear we will have guides in place that will guide you to being 90% ‘Paleo’, 90% of the time! We are all human, and to look for perfection or extremism would be setting you up for failure!
What is ‘Paleo’ and why do I want to do this?
‘Paleo’ is about eating meats, vegetables, fruits and some nuts while limiting our consumption of processed foods and refined sugars.  There are MANY benefits, but to state it simply – the purpose to is to reduce inflamation in your body. Both internal and external(reduce body fat), by eating foods that your body can more easily digest and use effectively!
We will cover all of this in the first seminar!
This sounds dramatic! Are you sure I can do this?
YES! 100%.  This is a Challenge you will do by yourself, but we will be doing it as a group
Do I have to weigh and measure my food?
No.  You can if you choose to. We will discuss how to proceed for those of you that loved the Take Down Challenge for exact measurements.
Do I need to keep a Food Journal?
No. As above, you can if you choose to.
What are the resources you will provide for food plans and shopping lists?
We will provide a ‘Paleo’ shopping list and meal plan.  We will also provide the Takedown Challenge Receipes and meal plans from the past 3 challenges for those of you that loved these.  This will be a ton of resources!

We will also have a closed Facebook Group, for everyone taking part to exchange recipes as the Challenge unfolds.
Do I have to follow the recipes?
No.  You will have all the tools you need to make this happen choosing to eat your own recipes, more to come on this at the seminar…
I am not a member, and I want in – what do I do?
We will be running our Fit Factory Bootcamp starting May 18th, included in the price of the Boot Camp is this challenge. Stay tuned to your email and our Facebook for the official release. (Only 18 Spots Available. (Only 4 left as of April 20th)