Home Workouts for the Week of April 27th

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on April 26, 2020

Monday April 27, 2020
Title: Q1/6
Status: pending

Warmup: 50 Jumping Jacks

3 Rounds of…
5 Cat-Cow
5 T-Spine Twist/side
5 Seneca Pushups
10 Clamshells/side
10 Lying Groin Openers

A) 5 Rounds of…: 5 Conditioning Split Squat Jumps/side
rest :30
5 Sumo Goblet Squat @ 5511 or 10 Sumo Squat @ 5511 tempo
rest up to :30
10 Glute Bridges w/ Pause @ top and controlled eccentric (can add weight to hips)
rest up to :90
B) 15:00 AmQrap of @ 80% output: 5 Full Burpees
5 Sit-Out/side (body awareness/coordination matters)*
5 Scissor Kick/side
5 Sideway Scissor Kicks/side
10 Reverse Lunges/leg
10 Tuck Up
10/side Side to Side Heel Taps

*Challenge yourself to move well, not fast.

Cooldown: Hips!
Wind Relieving Pose 1:00
Wind Relieving Pose L 2:00
Wind Relieving Pose R 2:00
Wind Relieving Pose 2:00


Tuesday April 28, 2020
Title: Q2/6
Status: pending

Warmup: 3:00 Foam Roll
3 Rounds of…
20 Lateral Line Hips
10/side Lower Body Braced Arm Circles
15 Standing Calf Raises

A) 4 Rounds of…: 12 Arrested Good Morning @ Controlled tempo
rest up to :60
10 Supermans (Hands overhead or behind head)
rest up to :60
8 Single Leg Glute Bridge/side
rest up to :60
6 Hamstring Walk Outs
rest up to :60
4/side Front Plank w/ opposite arm/leg raise (Rx’d: 2 second hold/raise)
rest 2:00
B) Until Reps Complete: Scaled Version: Until 60 Hand Release Pushup Are Complete*
:30 of: Core (Exercises listed below, cycle through)
:30 of: Hand Release Pushups
:30 of: Jumping Jacks

Core Movement 1 – Three Way Crunch
Core Movement 2 – Flutter Kicks
Core Movement 3 – Alternating Nemesis Crunch

*For ‘drop to knee’-ers, that is absolutely no problem. Just decide on whether youa re going to do this from the knees or toes and try to stick to that for the whole time. In other words just try to make sure that your pushup form/technique/angle isn’t getting easier as you fatigue.

Rx’d Version: Until 100 Hand Release Pushups are complete
:30 of: Core (Exercises listed below, cycle through)
:30 of: Hand Release Pushups (hand must clearly lift off ground)
:30 of: Jumping Jacks

Core Movement 1 – V-Situp
Core Movement 2 – Rocking Hollows
Core Movement 3 – Three Way Crunch

So, lets say round 1 you can hit 25 pushups, then you have 75 left. Make sense? Shoot me a message if not.

Cooldown: 3 Rounds of…
:60 Gentle Neck Stretch L
:60 Gentle Neck Stretch R
:60 Wrist Stretch
Butterfly 3:00 (support head)


Wednesday April 29, 2020
Title: 3/6
Status: pending

Warmup: 3 Rounds of…
10 Eggbeaters in each direction
3 in each direction/arm T-Spine Windmill
10 Dowel Dislocate or Banded Dislocate

A) 5 Rounds of…: 10 Dowel Overhead Squat or Dowel Front Squat @ controlled tempo.*
rest up to :60
10 Split Squat/leg @ controlled tempo
rest up to :30
:30 T-Spine Wall Angels
rest up to 2:00

*Some may say with these two movements that maintaining to strict technique is actually more difficult with a stick instead of a barbell.
B) 5 Rounds for time of…. : 5 Burpees w/ Full Strict Pushups
10 One and a Quarter Squat
20 Pushup Shoulder Taps (no pushup, 10/side)
8 Oblique Crunch/side
:30 Forearm Plank

Cooldown: 3-way banded hips 2:00/position/side
-if you don’t do this at-least once a week, no complaining about mobility issues.


Thursday April 30, 2020
Title: Q4/6
Status: pending

Warmup: 3 Rounds of…
10/side Sumo Stance Side to Side Hip Opener
:60 Wizard Staff Stretching (obliques, hips, t-spine, hamstrings, abs, obliques)
:60 Hip Coodination
10 Oly Hip Drill (Are you opening up the hip, or caving knees forwrad?)

A) 5 Rounds of…: 1 Turkish Getup/side (kb, db, child, dog, wine bottle, plate, urn, etc.)
rest up to :60
:30 Amqrap of Triangle Pushups
rest up to :60
6-8/leg Single Leg Double Kb Rdl (same here, hold whatever you can or visualize)
rest 2:00
B) :45 on/:15 off x 15: 1- Walking Lunges
2- Rolling Plank or Plank to Pushup Pressout
3- Arrested Good Mornings
4- Glute Bridges -Squeeze dem glutes fam!
5- Three Way Crunch

Cooldown: Butterfly 2:00
Caterpiller 2:00
-5 Windshield Wipers/side (knees bent)-
Dragon Pose L 1:00 into Winged Dragon Pose L 1:00
-push into downward dog-
Dragon Pose R 1:00 into Winged Dragon Pose R 1:00
-push into downward dog-
Child’s Pose 3:00


Friday May 1, 2020
Title: Q1/5
Status: pending

Warmup: 1 Sun Salutation
3 Rounds of…
10 Clamshells/leg
10 Side Lying Adductions/leg
6-8/side Single Leg Glute Bridge w/ Hip Flexion

5:00 Double Under Practise

A) 4 Rounds of…: 8 Hip Hinge Stick Drill @ 4111 tempo
rest :30
:20/side Side Plank or (Rx’d: Star-Side plank w/ leg raise)
rest :30
6/side Single Leg Slasher to Halo (can hold weight, house-hold item)
rest :30
6/side Front Plank w/ Opposite Arm/Leg Raise (Rx’d: Knee Hover w/ Opp arm/leg raise)
rest :30
8 Hamstring Walk-Outs (lots of baby steps, engage midline)
Rest 2:00
B) 5:00on/3:00 off x 3 @ 80% output: 30 Du’s, 50 Singles, or 20 Lateral Line Hops
15 Conditioning Squat Jump (Scaled: 10 One and A Quarter Squat)
10 Scissor Kicks/side
5 Oblique Crunches/side
10 Pushup Shoulder Taps

Cooldown: Sphinx :90

Cactus Arms Pose :90/side

Cat Pulling It’s Tail 3:00/side

Pigeon Pose 3:00/side


Saturday May 2, 2020
Title: Q5/6
Status: pending

Warmup: 5:00 Foam Roll
3 Rounds of…
8 Side Lying Adductions/side
8 T-Spine Opener/side
3 Rounds of…
5 Seneca Stretch
:30/side Scorpion on floor

A) TGIF/Oh Lord That Is A lot of Tabata’s: Tabata 1
even- Burpees
odd- Air Squats

Rest 2:00

Tabata 2
even- Hand Release Pushups
odd- V-Situp or Alternating Nemesis Crunch

Rest 2:00

Tabata 3
even- Conditioning Squat Jumps
odd- Scissor Kicks

Rest 2:00

Tabata 4
1- Jumping Jacks
2- Reverse Lunges
3- Pushups
4- Bicycle Crunches
Rest 2:00

Tabata 5
even- Three Way Crunch
odd- Flutter Kicks

Cooldown: 3:00 Shavasana
3:00 Wall Squat
3:00 Wall-eye/side