Fun Week Buddy Week Apr.3rd-8th

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on March 31, 2017

Fun Week

SWOD-  “Sally Up” Squats
Rest 5 mins
“Sally Up” Push ups
Big Cats: HSPU

WOD-  10 Min AMRAP
60m Farmer Carry (H-Heavy, F-20-24kg, P-24-32kg)
10 Burpees                (No push up for Health)
80m Shuttle Run
15 KB Swings          (H- moderate, F-20-24, P-24-32kg)
50m Suitcase Carry/Side  (same KB)
20 Ring rows        (Feet Elevated for performance)

SWOD-  12 Min EMOM
1-    5 TNG DL (KB for health) add weight as you go but keep form and speed the focus
2-    Plank (H-30sec, F-45sec, P-45sec weighted)

WOD- 20 min AMRAP
Teams of Two (Divide up all work, one person works at a time)
2000m Row between partners
20 Medball Burpee to chest pass (Do burpee on medball, stand up with it and chest pass it to partner)
20 Medball sit-ups
20 Partner Wall Balls (Ball shouldn’t touch the ground)
200m Shuttle run with med ball (switch ball back and forth every 20m)

SWOD-  10 mins Gymnastics skill work/goat work
10 Mins Oly flow (Pick either Snatch or Clean + Jerk and work on skill with 50% or less of 1RM)

WOD-   12 Min EMOM
1-    Cal Row  H-8/10  F-10/12  P-Same as health
2-     30 Sec of Du or Du Practice
3-    12 Push Press (H- KB or DB  F- 55/75  P-65/95)

SWOD- Bench Press Every 3mins for 5 Sets
5-8 Reps

WOD:  Health- Partner KB Grace (60 KBs between two people, go heavier)
Fitness/Performance- Partner Grace (30 Clean +Jerks between two people)  F-65/95  P-95/135
Rest 10 mins Then
“Annie”   (solo)
Sit ups
Du/Single skips

SWOD-  Back Squat   5×5 (Goblet Squat for health)
Rest 1-2 mins between sets

WOD-    3:00 on/3:00 off x 4
10 Burpee over Bar (No push up burpees on Health)
20 Box Jumps/Step ups
Row for Cals till finish
Score is total cals for the 4 rounds

Saturday:  Warmup: 5:00 General Dynamic
Mobility: 5:00 Coaches Choice
Metcon: 30:00 Amrap: Teams of 3.
Conga line- 1 athlete complets all reps of a
movement before passing onto partner, cannot
start next exercise until all partners finished given
250m Row
10 H.R. Pushups/Ring Dips
10 Sdhp 30/45kg (scale down if needed)
10 Box Jumps
50m Farmer Carry (individual weight selection)
10 Burpees to Plate
10 Ring Rows/Feet Elevated Ring Rows

Cooldown: :40on/:20 off x 6 Ab work. Coaches pick