FIT Factory BootCamp





The FIT Factory Bootcamp

OK…here is your chance to make that ‘CHANGE’ you have been talking about for months.

We know you, and we know you are busy and always putting yourself last – your spouse, your kids and family always come first. This is an opportunity to get back to real you, and be your best for all those people around you!

Saskpro’s FIT Factory Bootcamp is a great way to get fit while having fun in a supportive atmosphere.

Start Date –
*More Classes to come!

What you can Expect:
– focus on BodyWeight Movements and Core Strength for a tighter backside
– Monthly Assessments
– Function for everyday life
– Accountability of goals for maximum results
– Increase strength, cardio and endurance
– Increase co-ordination and agility

What kinds of success:
– fat loss
– increased muscle tone and strength
– increased stamina
– endurance and flexibility
– energy, self-confidence and vitality!

What kind of success can you expect:

If you attend boot camp regularly you can expect a multitude of benefits including fat loss, increased muscle tone, shape and strength. You can also look forward to increased stamina, endurance and flexibility. In addition you may improve energy, vitality and self-confidence.

What client are saying!
“I love going to Fit Factory Boot Camp. The coaches are awesome, so knowledgable and motivating.  I did my final measurements and lost 3 inches around my waist!!! I am sooo happy I could cry. I did struggle with my water intake but it is coming. I loved the work outs and of course our wonderful Coach Janet.  Once I get a handle on my eating then I will see even better results. I am happy with my current results but know if my eating was more in check I would seen bigger results. Thanks! Love it :)”

Heather P
After Fit Factory Bootcamp 1.0