Saturday, March 29/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on March 29, 2014

All Levels • Partner Up, as a team complete the total number of Reps, you can break up anyway that you like for the day • The Catch ☺, every minute everyone will perform 5 Jumping Jacks…

2 Rounds, 40 Minute Time Cap
50 Box jump or Step Ups
50 Pull-ups
or Ring Rows
50 KBS
50 In Place Lunges
50 Knees to elbows 
or Sit Ups
50 Push press – 45/33 is Max Weight
50 Supermans
50 Wall ball or Squats
50 Burpees, push ups is optional
50 Cal Row

Friday, March 28/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on March 27, 2014

Staff Profile – Whitney Darchuk, Head Coach
Whitney has been a great member of the community and grown into a great leader at Saskpro.  She is off to compete again this weekend on OLY Lifting :-)!  We are all behind you Whitney and look forward to hearing all about the experience next week!

We went IN-DEPTH with Whit, dug deep and got the answers to some pressing questions – stay tubed for next week’s profile on Myles Jeffers!
Which of the following for

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Thursday, March 27/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on March 26, 2014

Game on!  We are currently hosting a Contest Giveaway!
Up for grabs is….drum roll please…
– Free Fitness Consultation ($49.00 Value)
– 1 Month Unlimited Group Coaching Membership or a Spot in FIT Factory Bootcamp 3.0 ($210.00 Value)
– Takedown Nutrition and Lifestyle Challenge Starting on May 16th($199.00 Value).
– Total Value of $549.00!
To get entered, got here > CLICK HERE or go to the Saskpro Facebook Page and look for the Kickstart Offer!

Workout for Thursday
Health SWOD 20 Minutes A. Weighted Step Ups 3

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Wednesday, March 26/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on March 25, 2014

We have been talking a bit about some changes that will be coming through at Saskpro, and they are a comin’…

All good things, and things that will done in an effort to provide better coaching, service and systems to enable better experience and results for everyone involved with us.

The new location is coming along, with all the boarding just about complete – the mudding and taping getting in full swing and painted starting on Friday.  Estimated move date > as

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Tuesday, March 25/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on March 24, 2014

Congrats to our good friend Ian deBack on opening his new physiotherapy clinic.  Check out our website > about us > community partners for information on getting in the see Ian when the need arises!

Workout of the Day
Health SWOD 15 Minutes on A1. And A2 15 Minutes on B1. And B2 A1. Bench Press 5 x 4-6 Reps @ 2002 tempo, 2 down, 2 at top A2. Push Ups 5 x 6-8 Reps Rest 1:00 after A2. B1. KB Swings

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Monday, March 24/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on March 23, 2014

Re – Testing Week
That time again, but before we get into it – I want you all to take a few minutes to read through and ask a few questions about what that means to you.

We gather the data, break it apart and that helps us choose distinct programming for the Health – Fitness – Performance Levels you see.  We select 4-5 priorities, plan reps, tempo and sets for the SWODS and appropriate energy system training/skill work for the WODS.

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Saturday, March 22/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on March 22, 2014

Health SWOD 20 Minutes A. FS 4 x 4-6 Reps @ (20X1) – count to 2 on way down…these are warm ups sets B. KBS – 5 x 30-45 Sec – Rest 1:00 between ea

Fitness SWOD C. FS 4 x 4-6 Reps @ (20X1) – count to 2 on way down…these are warm ups sets D. Hang Power Clean – 5 x 3-5 Reps

Performance SWOD A. FS 4 x 4-6 Reps @ (20X1) – count to 2 on way down…these

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Friday, March 21/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on March 20, 2014

The Summit Run registration is out!
Every year many of you go out and forge through this route, and this year in all my running glory I will ACTUALLY be there….running with you!
Registration completed yesterday, and here I come June 14th – going after my first half marathon!  I am looking forward to sharing the experience with all of you, and a wee bit nervous – but the commitment is made!  No money on the line, not looking to finish in

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Thursday, March 20/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on March 20, 2014

Baby Steps…
The hardest part is always getting started…we all often talk and talk about our ambitions, but wait for the perfect time to get started with perfect action.

Goals require us to, TAKE ACTION, to produce results.

Today, I challenge you all to take imperfect action.  Go after your goal, without knowing all the answers or trying to be perfect – see what you learn, and then try again RIGHT AWAY.

Keep this in mind as you go ‘READY – FIRE – AIM’….



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Wednesday, March 19/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on March 19, 2014

New beginnings!

I wanted to take a minute to give an update on the new space, as we are working to get this completed!  The drywall should be boarded and done by the end of tomorrow, next up mud and tape for half the gym(offices, washrooms, ‘lounge’ and Yoga room).

We will commence painting the gym side right away as well…expected move date.  ~ End of April, we are targeting April 25th.

We will also be making so changes inside of the gym

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