Saturday, May 10/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on May 9, 2014


Awesome first day for Whitney at Regionals

Health SWOD A1. Box Step ups 3 x 12-15 ea leg, alt legs ea rep A2. Side Plank :20 Sec Each Side

Fitness SWOD A1. Weighted Box Step ups 4 x 8-10 ea leg, alt legs ea rep A2. Weighted Side plank :30 Sec Each Side

Performance SWOD A1. Weight Box Step ups with KB in Front Rack Position 5 x 4-6 Reps each leg A2. Weighted Side Plank :45sec Each Side

Health WOD 20min AMRAP

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Friday, May 9/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on May 8, 2014


Awesome event upcoming, put on by our good friends at FAE! Would love to see a great turn out for the day

Workout for the Day

Health SWOD OTM for 10mins 10-15 KB Swing

Fitness SWOD OTM for 10mins 15-20 KB Swing

Performance SWOD OTM for 10mins 15 American KB Swing

Health WOD 10min AMRAP 5 KB DL 5 Goblet Squat 5 HR Push Up M = 95-135 W = 65-95 Rest 2:00mins 5Mins AMRAP 20-30Sec Front plank 8-10 Ring Row Rest 2:00mins 5min

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Thursday, May 8/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on May 7, 2014



Workout for the Day

Mobility/Skill Coaches Choice

Health SWOD A1. Squat 3 x 12-15 Reps @ (22X1) –2sec on way down, pause 2 at the bottom A2. Hip Bridge 3 x 12-15 @ (22X1) – hold 2 at top, count 2 on way down

Fitness SWOD A1. Squat 4 x 8-10 Reps @ (21X1) – 2 sec on way down A2. Weighted Hip Bridge 4 x 8-10 @ (21X1) – hold 2 at top, Controlled on way down.

Performance SWOD A1. Squat 5 x

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Wednesday, May 7/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on May 6, 2014

Everyone likes a pat on the back, and you guys deserve it!  Thanks to everyone that took part when we built a human pyramid at the last WLC Finals!  We won!! T-shirts are enroute for everyone that took part too – Huge thank you to Badass WOD Wear for hosting the Challenge!

CLICK HERE to read the article and great story on our own Whitney Darchuk

Workout for the day

Health SWOD A1. Push Press 3 x 12-15 Reps @ (22X1) – 2

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Tuesday, May 6/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on May 5, 2014


Congrats Colleen S on being the Ricky’s Member of the Month at Saskpro.  Keep up the amazing and inspirational work.

Every month Ricky’s will bring a meal for the Member of the Month to the gym or maybe even your place of work :-), because begin the Member of the Month is  BIG Deal!  Awesome stuff.

Stay tuned as this year, everyone that wins the member of the month will be eligible to win the First Annual Saskpro Member of the Year

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Monday, May 5/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on May 5, 2014

REMINDER – Skipping Seminar Coming up this week.  Sign Up board is at the front with Brooke.

What a great weekend!  I was able to get away and spend time at business conference in Orlando.  It might sound like a vacs, but it was pretty much nerd central.  I used to have this picture of gym conferences as a bunch of muscle bound people talking about bench press, box jumping, and other ‘fitness’ type stuff.  And in reality there was some

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Saturday, May 3/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on May 3, 2014



Ninjas don’t start as Ninjas

I wanted to share that thought with you, and I want you to repeat it to yourself.

Ninjas don’t start as Ninjas.

What’d does that even mean?!?! Well – Mastery and excellence take practice, but yet we all assume and expect that we will hit crazy output and performance levels in everything we do by simply trying once. We shake our heads or mutter things like “Well, that figures…” and just assume that we aren’t inherently good at

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Friday, May 2/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on May 1, 2014

Friday’s Team Member Spotlight
James Dorward, Saskpro Coach

James is great coach with a keen eye for details.  He has been a FireFighter for City of Prince Albert, Since 2005.  In his freetime James likes to play Hockey, Baseball, Hunting, work on old cars, snowmobiling, rock climbing, basically anything physical in nature.  ’I love to coach and be a part of watching people progress, enjoy success and hit that point when the realize how far they have come – whether that be

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Thursday, May 1/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on April 30, 2014




Congrats to Collen S. on being our April 2014 Ricky’s Member of the Month. Colleen has been amazing and inspirational since joining(I am sure she was before that too :-)!)


Here is what Colleen had to say:
When did she start at Saskpro?
February 2013
Why did you join?
“I joined Saskpro because I had a few friends who were going and they seemed to like it!!”
What Changes have you noticed?
“I have gained muscle and strength over the past year. The biggest gain had been

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Wednesday, April 30/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on April 29, 2014

The Takedown Challenge is back and right around the corner. The first Seminar will kick-off on May 15th, with the registration deadline at May 12th.

We have taken all of your feedback to the TDC HQ and made some changes on our end as well!  Thank you for giving us all the feedback.  For those of you new to the TDC, CLICK HERE for all the details.

Some changes from the last TDC you will see:
– 2 full days of measurements weekly,

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