Monday, April 14/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on April 13, 2014

Congrats to Tammy Cantin for winning our Client Kickstart Competition!  We look forward to having her take part in the upcoming Takedown Challenge and see her in one of our programs!!

We had an awesome time at the Friday Night Lights…on Friday Night :-).  The next event is scheduled for May 24th – be there!  We have 2 Seminars coming up this week and be sure to log in to Wednesday Assessments with Whitney and Myles if you are interested in

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Saturday, April 12/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on April 12, 2014

Hey y’all – I wanted to share a GREAT email I got from one of you guys last week.  I love the nature of the email, the perspective and outlook.  It takes courage to move at your pace, to do your thing and be what and who you want to be.  I STRONGLY encourage you to have a read and just let it sit with you.

“I wanted to thank you for that blog post you did on March 24 –

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Friday, April 10/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on April 10, 2014

Team Member Spotlight!


Brooke LePage – Our amazing Admin and Client Care Specialist.


We are very lucky to have such a great young women on our team. Brooke does a fantastic job of taking care of clients and us(mainly me – Evan :-), I need it!!!) Here’s a little about our lovely Brooke:


Ski or Surf? Surf, although I have never tried it, I fractured my tailbone skiing so it scares me. Tongue out


Rock or House Music? If country is not an option, house

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Thursday, April 10/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on April 9, 2014

First Line Factory

I consider us to be VERY lucky to have such a diverse group!  We have a range of 10-60+, with people training for a lifestyle and health goal, a fitness goal and ultimately a sport or performance goal.  This time of year we always gets  surge of young athletes through the door, that do amazing things in a short period of time.

It is very cool to see, but also for this of us longer in the tooth it

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Wednesday, April 9/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on April 8, 2014


Friday Night Lights are coming up this Friday!

What is this Friday Nights you speak of???
Friday night Nights is a fun workout we will be hosting monthly.  It is Event workout that EVERYONE can take part in – the objective is fun and to have a challenging workout with a group of your peers supporting you!  That’s it, that’s all – an opportunity to come out, have some fun and compete with yourself.

How does it work?
You pay $5 Cash to Sign

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Tuesday, April 7/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on April 8, 2014

Who are the Sheep in your life?  

The people telling you that you can’t do something…you are going to fail or giving you their ‘expert’ advice on what you doing…. and that it won’t work. Have they done it before, how do they know?  Are they living lion?

Something to consider – are the sheep other people around you? OR do you let the sheep in your head rule the lion?

Health SWOD A1. Forward Step

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Monday, April 7/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on April 6, 2014

 Happy Monday!

Back at it ready to roll.  I came across this article the other day and shared on the Member Facebook page.  For those of you interested it is a pretty cool read!

Check it out here:

As for the week ahead, here is what it looks like!
Monday – SWOD – Push Press, WOD – 10 min on, rest 2, 10 min on
Tuesday – SWOD – Weighted Lunges, WOD 3 x 5 min on, 2 min rest
Wednesday – SWOD – OHS and

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Saturday, April 5/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on April 4, 2014

Workout For Saturday!

Mobility/Skill – Circle Run

Health WOD 5 Rounds (3:00min on: 1:00min Off) 6 KB Swing 6 Push Up 9 Squat

Fitness WOD “The Chief” – 5 Rounds (3:00min on: 1:00min Off) 3 Power Clean 6 Push Up 9 Squat M = 85#-135# W = 53# – 95#

Performance WOD “The Chief” – 5 Rounds (3:00min on: 1:00min Off) 3 Power Clean M=135-155/ W=95#-110 6 Push Up 9 Squat

Cool Down Core Health 50-75 Core Movements Fitness/Performance 100 Core Movements


Friday, April 4/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on April 3, 2014

Team Spotlight this week on Associate Coach Myles Jeffers!

I love this picture, haha – awesome stuff.  The Jeffers Family are amazing people, and we are fortunate to have them ALL :-)!!
We caught up with Myles this week, after  hectic 5 weeks of competing in the CrossFit Games!  He did an AMAZING JOB, and finished 65th in Western Canada.  The top 48 go to regionals, and there is a chance he will end up there! Every year some athletes compete in

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Thursday, April 3/2014

Written by Saskpro Crossfit on April 2, 2014

The testing week results are always a fun time, we can look at the group as a whole and see where improvements were made, where we stalled and what needs addressing.  The last 13 weeks we made some subtitle changes in the way we program and implement the program and we will again make some changes moving ahead :-).

Test Overview, and what it means moving ahead…

Bench Press and Power Clean 1 RM – we aren’t really overly concerned with actually

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